When is registration?

For returning riders, registration for the 2023 season open December 1st, 2022 and closes March 1st. However, a team jersey is required for all racers and jersey orders close on January 15th, so register early if you can!

How do I register?

You can register for NEYC and the Dover Demons on http://neyouthcycling.com. The first step will be to enter your zip code, if you're within the Dover Demons area, you'll be directed to the team automatically.

How does registration work?

Each rider will need to register for the NEYC league. Then, each racer will need to register for each individual race during the season. This gives some flexibility in case a rider won't be able to make all six events. There will be an option to register for the entire series when you sign up and you'll get a free race if you take this option.

I'm interested, but I've never raced and I'm a little afraid, can I try it out?

YES! The Demons and NEYC have places for everyone, regardless of skill, age, and experience. We'd love to have you on board! The NEYC registration will get you onto the team and make you eligible for everything the Demons do - practice rides at Hale, skills clinics with US National Champion pros and local legends, how-to days and repair clinics, etc. Since NEYC allows you to register per-prace, you don't have to commit to a whole season at once, once you are on the team you can register for races as you feel comfortable.

Please note, however, that NEYC registration is not refundable.

What ages can participate?

NEYC is open for kids aged 12-18, and there are ride lead & coaching spots for anyone older.

How do races, ages, & categories work?

Each NEYC event is a series of races along a 4-mi cross-country mountain bike course. Each racer races in a category based loosely on school grade, with the newest racers riding a single lap, then additional laps are added with more experienced and older riders. While there may be a couple groups on the course at the same time, they are close in age and ability, so there's no worry about older and younger racers passing out in the woods.

Demons practices operate in a similar model, with multiple groups being lead based on experience and ability.

Do I need a jersey or kit?

Yes. NEYC requires all racers to wear their team jerseys. Jersey orders must be placed by February 1st for the 2023 season, and the store will be accessible during registration. The team will have a number of spare jerseys available, though size is not guaranteed.

What equipment do I need?

You'll need a helmet and a race-ready bike. What do we mean by "race ready"? There's no cut & dry rule, but generally speaking the bicycle must be a decent quality (big box store bikes may not work), have working brakes, and knobby tires. If you're not sure, please drop a note to info@doverdemons.org Before the 2022 season gets underway we'll be hosting a bike inspection and prep day to make sure everyone's ready to go.